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  • Main Chief knitting Co., Ltd. is a knitting fabric supplier established in 1994, and head office located in New Taipei City ,Taiwan. All fabric are made by our long-term partnership mills in Taiwan and have been exported to garment clients mainly from Southeast Asia , such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thai, and Vietnam as well as South Asia such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and so on .

  • We have been engaging in various type of fabric, such as printing, yarn dye stripe, heather, rib, jacquard, bonded, mesh, pique, polar fleece, fleece, jersey, interlock and so on. For polo shirts, we have strong yoko rib mill to produce flat knit , computer jacquard yoko and so on  Currently, we are mainly running  yarn dye polo shirts  and Sportwear fabric which with high functions .

  • We are also currently not only engaging in exporting fabric to garment mills but also directly to work with brands through R&D term.

About Knitting Mill

  • Main Chief Kitting Factory established in 2014 , located in New Taipei City ,Shulin District where is being said the most important textile industry location in Taiwan textile history.

  • The founder of mill is Main Chief president– Mr Chuang .

  • The factory top manager is Mr Big Chuang who is Mr Chuang’s older brother , with over 40 years experience of jacqaurd and interlock fabric and an expert in knitting machine.

  • Main Chief Knitting mill is an expert on Jacquard structure jersey&interlock, French terry, fleece, Interlock with/ without elastane, Jersey with/without elastane.

  • The mill capacity is 3967 square meter which is to have capacity of 50 knitting machines  and total capacity of fabric is about 10000 Kilograms per day.

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